Christian Mommy & Me
Music Program

Mommy & Me Music Classes for
Children Ages 0 to 5 Years
With Their Parents and Caregivers

Taught by
Debbie Gulino

The Gardiner Reformed Church
PO Box 261
166 Main St. (Route 44/55)
Gardiner, NY 12525
845-519-0751 (Debbie Gulino's Cell)

Next Session: SUMMER CAMP 2014

Wednesdays July 9-Aug 13, 2014...10am


$72 (6 weeks) 25% sibling discount

all classes 45 minutes long

Sing, dance, clap, twirl, run, gallop, march!

Lots of instruments & props
for little hands to explore:

shakers, tambourines, drums, ukuleles,
puppets, scarves, parachute
maypole and lots more.

At camp we sing about God's glorious summer:

oceans, rivers & lakes
swimming, boating & fishing
kites & camping
gardens, farms
flowers & fireflies
and God's love for us all !





25% Sibling Discount

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Program Overview
Each Class

Registration, Fees, Policies
About Debbie Gulino
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Program Overview

Teach your child about Christ through music, dance and playful activities. Be part of a circle of like-minded parents and grandparents who love the Lord and want to rejoice and celebrate God's love with their little ones. Classes include a variety of songs about God's world: nature, animals, color, shapes, language...things that pertain to a young child's life.

The Hot Diggity Dog Christian Music Program is taught by children's music specialist Debbie Gulino. She has been teaching music to young children for over 20 years in nursery schools, libraries and for Musical Munchkins. An avid Christian songwriter, Debbie has developed a Christian "mommy & me" music curriculum for young children. Her goal is to assist parents in teaching their children about the Lord. The program is a partnership ministry between Debbie and The Gardiner Reformed Church, Gardiner, NY.

Each Class

Each class includes young children of all ages (0 - 5 years) accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent, caretaker). Classes of mixed ages encourages families to sing and dance together. It also helps younger children to model activities after the older children in the class.

Classes include sing along songs about:

  • nature
  • animals
  • colors
  • counting
  • shapes
  • ABCs
  • Christ
  • God
  • The Holy Spirit
  • prayer
  • Bible stories
  • Christian behavior
  • food
  • trains, buses, cars, etc.
  • family life
  • school
  • things that pertain to a young child's life

In each class, children and grown ups get to:

  • sing
  • clap
  • dance
  • twirl
  • jump
  • develop gross & fine motor skills
  • shake, rattle & roll!


Throughout each semester we play a variety of instruments:

  • maracas & shakers
  • tambourines
  • rhythm sticks
  • woods (woodblocks, tic tocs, quiros)
  • finger cymbals
  • triangles
  • jingle bells
  • hand drums

For our musical games we use:

  • scarves
  • puppets
  • felt board
  • balls
  • blocks
  • bean bags
  • canopy
  • parachute
  • bubbles

Each class encourages children to develop their gross & fine motor skills. We:

  • bounce
  • pat
  • tap our knees
  • clap
  • shake
  • walk
  • march
  • run
  • jump
  • gallop
  • tiptoe
  • sway
  • dance
  • kick our feet
  • use hand motions
  • use finger play
  • tickle
  • high 5
  • use fingers to count


Each class encourages children to:

  • listen for instructions
  • wait one's turn
  • share
  • be a helper
  • put things away carefully
  • respect others


Registration, Fees, Policies


1. Register by phone: Call Debbie Gulino 845-519-0751

2. Register by email at debbiegulino@gmail.com

3. Register at a class. See above for dates & times.


Tuition Fees & Discounts:

Class fees payable in 2 halves:

Wednesdays $72
(6 weeks)

Sibling Discount: Siblings receive a 25% discount off the tuition fee.



Class Make-Ups:
Students will be allowed to make up one missed class. Tuition is for the entire semester regardless of attendance.

Class Previews: Parents and students are welcome to preview a class anytime. If you decide not to enroll, there is no charge for the preview. If you join, we ask that you pay for the preview class.


About Debbie Gulino

The Hot Diggity Dog Christian Music Program is directed and taught by Debbie Gulino. A children’s music specialist, songwriter, recording artist and producer, Debbie brings a unique and refreshing style to music for children.

Classes and audiences at her concerts sing, clap, and dance as she plays folk, country, rock, jazz, blues and rap.

As a songwriter and recording artist, Debbie is the producer of the Hot Diggity Dog CD series for young children, a popular music series distributed world-wide.

From 2004-06, Debbie was the creator and producer of the Hot Diggity Dog Radio Show, a musical variety show for families with young children ages 3-10. With a cast of 6 talented musicians, the show was performed before a live audience at the Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, NY and aired on the Internet.

Debbie has been teaching and performing for nursery and elementary schools, libraries, day care centers, summer camps, churches and private music programs throughout Bergen County, NJ and Rockland, Orange and Ulster Counties, NY for over 20 years.

An alumni of Ithaca College School of Music, Debbie trained professionally on flute, guitar and voice. She also received formal training in the Musical Munchkins “mommy & me” curriculum.

Raised in Buffalo, NY and Ridgewood, NJ, Debbie currently makes her home in NY state. She enjoys all sorts of hobbies: being with her family and friends, studying the bible, riding bikes, gardening, caring for her pets, hiking, camping, snow shoeing and stargazing.

A true believer in Jesus Christ, the Savior of all who follow Him and the Mighty King of the world, Debbie brings the joy and confidence of this powerful belief into everything she does. Her music is a gift from the Lord... she is merely the instrument through which He shares His love.


Contact Us

For all inquiries, please contact the program teacher
Debbie Gulino


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  Hot Diggity Dog Music
Gardiner, NY